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On Premise or in the Cloud

You can license this software either for installation on your own servers (or servers you control in the cloud), or alternatively you can license a cloud version, where we manage everything.


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If you need more, choose the Enterprise version of clearString. Based on the same engine, this is sold separately as neatComponents

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Cloud application development platform

'Complex development made simple'

clearString integrates CMS with data application development.

clearString is designed for direct use by business teams without having to rely on manual coding.   It is a component based system with a graphical interface that produces optimally coded applications every time. It also handles all the user security and access permissions.

The primary users of clearString are small and medium sized businesses who are looking to transition business processes to the Cloud, and the web development companies and Business Advisors who work with them.

There is also a larger scale version for Enterprise users called neatComponents ▸.

Until recently there was a trade-off between ease of development and functionality, and it was obvious that sophisticated solutions could not be created without directly coding them. clearString changes all that.


Be the innovative developer that you know you are without getting stuck on advanced coding.

With clearString you can create the most sophisticated data-driven solutions, without a line of code. (Well obviously there is a lot of code involved, but the magic is that we've already written it, and encapsulated it in graphically configured components). You get to concentrate on the design, application development and the business logic to control what it should do, and clearString software worries about the how.

Designing web applications is a great business, but it can get difficult when your clients' needs reach beyond the scope of the standard platforms.

As soon as you need to start coding, rather than designing, the economics fall away and you end up putting in far more hours than you can charge for.

Our software is designed to solve this problem.

With our software you can satisfy your clients' needs, at a price they can afford, and without the embarrassment of having to learn new languages or pass jobs on to competitors.

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Visit the clearString website to learn more, get a free trial or purchase a license for this software.

Learn more

Visit the clearString website to learn more and purchase a license for this software.


Case study

A national realtor is using clearString to provide their website, with property data loaded via XML files at the back end, built-in searching, and Google Maps integration for locations.

The site was developed over several weeks by a local web designer, with training and support provided by Enstar.


"After years of having to use sub-standard servers, I feel I should be offering you half my kingdom and my daughter's hand in marriage."

J Spence, Toucan

"I never cease to be amazed by your team."

V Garcia, Canada







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Launching SharedImpact's global philanthropic transaction platform at Thomson Reuters, New York.

Enstar releases latest version of clearString software.





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