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On Premise or in the Cloud

You can license this software either for installation on your own servers or servers you control in the cloud.


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For smaller or one-off projects, choose clearString, the SMB version of neatComponents. Based on the same engine, this is sold separately as clearString.

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Enterprise application development & web integration

Providing web-based solutions for your organisation is an increasing challenge, as user expectations grow, BYOD endpoint diversity multiplies - and budgets remain frozen.

Our software is designed to solve this problem.

With neatComponents, the Enterprise version of clearString, you can create the most sophisticated data-driven solutions, without a line of code. You get to concentrate on the design and the business logic to control what it should do, and the software worries about the how.

Until recently there was a trade-off between ease of development and functionality, and it was obvious that sophisticated solutions could not be created without directly coding them. neatComponents changes all that.

With our software you can satisfy your departmental needs, at a price you can afford, and without the costs of employing programmers, or the loss of control from outsourcing overseas.

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Visit the neatComponents website to learn more and purchase a license for this software.

Learn more

Visit the neatComponents website to learn more and purchase a license for this software.


Case study

A web company wanted to provide a suite of embeddable web widgets as a SaaS service for site owners to incorporate in their legacy sites - providing functionality such as ecommerce, blogs and image galleries.

The service was developed by the web company, with training and support provided by Enstar.


"After years of having to use sub-standard servers, I feel I should be offering you half my kingdom and my daughter's hand in marriage."

J Spence, Toucan

"I never cease to be amazed by your team."

V Garcia, Canada







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Launching SharedImpact's global philanthropic transaction platform at Thomson Reuters, New York.

Enstar releases latest version of clearString software.





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