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On Premise

The software runs on your server, in your premises. Unlike cloud-based systems, this means you are total control, and there are no opportunities for third parties to be attacked or subject to demands from government for inspection without your knowledge.


End-to-end secure email encryption

Secure email encryption for Enterprises, Organizations & SMB. Private cloud hosting gives robust protection from prying eyes. End to end encrypted email for everyone.

Sempertron is an email encryption system designed for businesses and organizations that need to secure their messages so that only the intended recipient can read them. 

No special client software or plug-ins are required and messages originated using Sempertron can be securely read and replied to using any current desktop computer, tablet or smartphone.

Sempertron is a software appliance that you own, placed in a location you control dedicated to providing end-to-end encrypted email for your business or organization. Sempertron can work as a stand-alone email encryption system or integrate with existing email services to provide end-to-end encrypted secure email for both ad hoc individual messages and bulk processes such as billing. Sempertron email encryption installations can manage the secure email requirements for organizations of all sizes, from many thousands in an Enterprise down to a single law office. 

Learn more

Visit the Sempertron website to learn more and purchase a license for this software.

Learn more

Visit the Sempertron website to learn more and purchase a license for this software.


Secure by design

ISO IEC 27001 Information Security Management
Installed as recommended Sempertron can form the basis of an ISO/IEC 27001 ISM system.You control the server and where it lives yourself - that’s the Sempertron difference. Sempertron protects your messages from being read by an eavesdropper by using SSL certificates to encrypt them. Sempertron is behind your own router firewall giving you good control over attacks. Only your own trusted staff have access to Sempertron, removing the 'bad egg' in some datacenter problem. Only you have access to the server itself, giving you full physical protection over hard drives, and you know for sure that your important information is not being stored or mirrored to some overseas datacenter.

Sempertron email encryption uses 256-bit AES encryption SSL certificates to TLS 1.2 with Perfect Forward Secrecy enabled. Certificates are provided by independent secure certificate providers and they are created uniquely for your business or organization. We do not provide the certificate, but we provide free assistance so that you can obtain and install your encryption certificate from a supplier you trust.


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