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Cloud Providers

Looking for a Cloud Provider?

Our cloud providers can be found throughout the world. Some are very public about their use of our software, while others treat it as their secret weapon! Ask your local cloud provider today whether they already supply Enstar software.

Introduce a new cloud provider to us, and we'll give you a little something to say thank you when they start purchasing from us.


As the cloud becomes more and more commoditized and prices get squeezed, the challenge is how to stand out from the crowd and offer profitable value-added services.

Our software is designed to be pre-installed and remotely managed, for customer on dedicated or shared plans.

You can incorporate this equally easily in your own server data centers or on Amazon or Rackspace servers.

Volume-based tiered discounts, along with easy access to developer-level technical support expertise make these products a pleasurable (and profitable) line for your business.

Whether it is Mailtraq – a better way of handling mail than Exchange, or ClearString, a better way of building web solutions, we have the tools you need to keep your customers happy.

  • Our products are designed with you in mind – so our pricing and discount models leave plenty of opportunity for you to profitably engage – both in providing and configuring the software and afterwards in training and supporting their users.
  • Our software is flexible – so you can adapt them to meet the often unique challenges your clients present you with.
  • Our software is easy – so you can apply your existing skills and become expert without wasting hours of un-chargeable time.
  • Our support is awesome – we’ll provide you with in-depth, comprehensive support direct from developer-level trainers, so you can have the confidence to work on complex solutions, even as you get started.

Our developers are listening – so if you need the software adapted to meet your clients’ needs we’ll do our best to accommodate it in new releases. And they come out every few weeks, not every few years.

To learn more about including our software please contact us.

Typical configurations

All our software run on dedicated Microsoft Windows servers.

There is no need for separate SQLServer licenses or CALs.

The neatComponents web platform installs on top of IIS and provides highly sophisticated data-driven websites, intranets and extranet capabilities. Once installed, all administration is performed remotely via a web interface.

Provisioning and billing interfaces are included to allow your clients to sign up and pay for their services without adding to your accounting overhead - and you set your own pricing models based on usage and bandwidth.


"After years of having to use sub-standard servers, I feel I should be offering you half my kingdom and my daughter's hand in marriage."

J Spence, Toucan

"I never cease to be amazed by your team."

V Garcia, Canada







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