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Looking for a designer?

Our web designers can be found throughout the world. Some are very public about their use of our software, while others treat it as their secret weapon! Ask your local web designer today whether they already use Enstar software.

Introduce a new web designer to us, and we'll give you a little something to say thank you when they start purchasing from us.


If you provide services to local business then our software could really enhance your offering.

Designing websites is a great business, but it can get difficult when your clients' needs reach beyond the scope of the standard Wix, Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal platforms.

As soon as you need to start coding, rather than designing, the economics fall away and you end up putting in far more hours than you can charge for.

Our software is designed to solve this problem.

With clearString you can create the most sophisticated data-driven solutions, without a line of code. (Well obviously there is a lot of code involved, but the magic is that we've already written it, and encapsulated it in graphically configured components). You get to concentrate on the design and the business logic to control what it should do, and the software worries about the how.

Until recently there was a trade-off between ease of development and functionality, and it obvious that sophisticated solution could not be created without directly coding them. clearString changes all that.

With our software you can satisfy your clients' needs, at a price they can afford, and without the embarrassment of having to learn new languages or pass them on to competitors

  • Our products are designed with you in mind – so our pricing and discount models leave plenty of opportunity for you to profitably engage – both in providing and configuring the software and afterwards in training and supporting their users.
  • Our software is flexible – so you can adapt them to meet the often unique challenges your clients present you with.
  • Our software is easy – so you can apply your existing skills and become expert without wasting hours of un-chargeable time.
  • Our support is awesome – we’ll provide you with in-depth, comprehensive support direct from developer-level trainers, so you can have the confidence to work on complex solutions, even as you get started.
  • Our developers are listening – so if you need the software adapted to meet your clients’ needs we’ll do our best to accommodate it in new releases. And they come out every few weeks, not every few years.

To learn more about using our software please contact us.

A best-kept secret?

When people discover our software they often ask why they haven't heard of it before. There are two reasons:

Firstly, we don't spend a fortune on mainstream advertising and promotion, but work quietly with individual markets.

But mainly, once people discover our software and start using it, they treat it as their secret weapon. Often clients aren't aware their sites were build in our system, all they know is that they were delivered on time and under budget.


"After years of having to use sub-standard servers, I feel I should be offering you half my kingdom and my daughter's hand in marriage."

J Spence, Toucan

"I never cease to be amazed by your team."

V Garcia, Canada







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